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With the advancements in online trading and e-commerce, Alibaba is also struggling hard to kick its business to the heights of glory. 1688.com is one of the most reliable and famous B2B e-commerce platforms for local Chinese entrepreneurs and manufacturers, where you can find products and suppliers through reliable 1688 agents.

Most of the suppliers on 1688.com are direct suppliers and manufacturers. 1688 is just like Alibaba, but here you can find products, factories, and suppliers together. These suppliers provide both wholesale and retail prices, which are the cheapest and affordable in China.

When entrepreneurs think of sourcing from China, Alibaba is the first name that hits their memory. 1688 is a complete Chinese site where most Chinese manufacturers and business holders stay active to supply their products in bulk all over the world.

If you are planning to ship products from the China section and are not aware of the services of 1688.com, you lack behind them! But no worries! This article contains the list of the most reliable 1688 agents and many other FAQs that will help you find the best suppliers for sourcing a bulk number of products.

For bulk sourcing, 1688.com is a much better site than Alibaba.com. The reason is its reliable agents and the pricing they provide as prices are already low and affordable, often negotiable as well. The only problem you sometimes face while negotiating with clients is the communication gap as most of the suppliers can’t speak better English. But this thing can be overcome by hiring a professional dealer.

While considering minimum or maximum order quantity requirements, 1688 doesn’t have such requirements, unlike Alibaba.com, although the prices are usually negotiable and easy on the wallet.

Want to know more about 1688.com?

1. What is 1688.com?

I’m sure every businessman knows about Alibaba – a very famous company in the world. 1688.com is a subsidiary of Alibaba in China.
1688. com is only for China’s domestic market (Only Chinese language now) and mainly in B2B, B2C, wholesale and manufacturing of products. Many Chinese businessmen use 1688.com to find products and other businesses are also catching up to the relatively fair prices for good products. More than 80% of the businesses that we trade and interact with our factories and about 20% are trading companies. Have a look around. You will definitely find something that interests you here.

 2. What is the difference between 1688.com and Alibaba.com?

The difference between the two is that 1688 is mainly for the domestic market and Alibaba is mainly for international business trade.

1688.com only has the Chinese language, only for the Chinese market.

Alibaba.com is an international platform and can be read in many different languages worldwide. There are Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Indonesian, Dutch, and Hebrew languages.

  3. Why do Chinese people like to buy products on 1688.com?

1688.com is a well-known website and at the moment, is the largest wholesale website in China. The Chinese people purchase products from us due to our relatively low prices. Many trading companies also to buy products through 1688.com and sell them worldwide. There are currently over 50,000 legitimate sellers on 1688.com. You will always find something you need on our website.

 4. How do I communicate with the suppliers of 1688.com?

Most of our suppliers speak Chinese as it is more of a Chinese business and most of our customers are Chinese. You will need to have an agent with you who can act as your translator or take some quick Chinese lessons for you to order from the business directly. It’s better to find an agent to help you to buy the products, and then send the goods to your address. We are your Agent in China. You can contact us directly.

 5. How do I pay suppliers on 1688.com?

We have various payment methods that you can use. Whichever suits you so that you can get the products you wish to buy. Here is a list of the payment methods.

1st method:  Pay through AliPay.
2nd method: Pay through Wechat.
3rd method: Pay through your personal bank account.
4th method: Pay through company bank account.

Tips: The suppliers accept Renminbi (RMB or CNY) only. We don’t accept US dollar.

The buyers must have import and export licenses if the supplier’s bank account takes US dollars. You need to have an agent to help you with the payment if you want to pay the dollars. We can accept US dollars and then pay in renminbi (RMB) currency to your suppliers directly. We also accept a bank transfer (T/T), Western Union, or PayPal.

 6. Do 1688.com suppliers speaker English?

Most suppliers don’t speak English. But you can use Google Translator to translate English to Chinese and then send you translates to your suppliers.

 7. How can I find a 1688.com Agent for my products?

We are your agents in China and have over 10 years of agency experience in this business. We purchase products in China and also do USD currency exchange to RMB, goods inspection before shipment, and ship to your address making us the best Chinese partner available in China. Working with us will save you time and cost. Our business only charges 3% service fee.

 8. How can I translate the 1688.com website to be English?

The best browser to use to access this website is Google Chrome browser as it can directly translate web page content into your preferred language.

Click on this download link: https://www.google.com/chrome/ to download the Google Chrome browser.

9. Are 1688.com of suppliers real or scammers

All suppliers of the products on our website must get Government business licenses if to become 1688 sellers. Meaning that all the business and product sellers at 1688.com are real and genuine.

You can check the company’s registration information on the seller’s store. Details like date of incorporation, registered capital, company address, and company’s business scope have been clearly displayed on the website.

10. Can I pay US dollars to suppliers on 1688.com?

1688.com is mainly for Chinese people now and only accepts the renminbi (CNY) through Union-pay and Alipay. But we also offer special services for customers with US currency. We can help you in China.


1688.com is a very good procurement platform that offers relatively low prices for its products. The main challenge is that is China-based and most, if not all, of the sellers only speak the Chinese language. But otherwise, their services are pretty good.

You can use a sourcing agent or a Chinese friend to help you communicate with the suppliers in order to make and finalize sales.

We also offer free procurement services which you can try for free. Here are some benefits of our services:

1. Help you to get samples before max purchasing.

2. Checking your goods before shipment according to your requirements.

3. Bundle different products into one package for you.

4. Mark your labels on products if you request.

5. Offer foreign currency exchange services.

6. Handle your shipment in China to your address by sea, air or express… etc.


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Yiwubazaar is the most reliable and famous shipping agent in the China section. Today, we are not only dealing with established importers but also with small and medium businesses. Importers get all the services from the YiwuBazaar Sourcing agent because customer satisfaction is their top priority.

The import services they offer are sourcing, shipment, direct factory audit, and quality inspection. When you contact them to provide you with the required services, their agents start contacting a suitable manufacturer or seller. In this way, you can import products from the best manufacturers in China without much stress and enjoy reliable and safe transport measures for shipping your packages to your doorstep.