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Efficient Customer Service

We understand how important is to interact with our customers when they have any question, doubt or need any clarification on any of the listed products or services in our website. We have a team of dedicated, passionate, attentive enthusiast with detailed product and market knowledge who are ready to help you in best possible way. Being resourceful is an attitude we live with and we always work to strengthen our FAQ section every time we have something new to enhance it. Please visit our FAQ section to find out the answer for your query. In case you don’t get your answer or you need any clarification in the existing answer mentioned in FAQ, please don’t hesitate and raise a query with us and will get that answered within 48 hours.


My Resource

Thoughtfully designed page which contains all the relevant materials in form of blogs, news and tool, which you can access at your convenience per your need.

Ticket Based Query Management

We will allocate an automated ticket number whenever you raise a query for any question and we will ensure your question is answered in the agreed TAT of 48 hours.


Global Positioning of your products

We have buyers visiting all across the world. All your products listed in the website will be a click away from wide count of buyers and offers great visibility and open market opportunity for your products.

Centraliaze Communication across Channels

We have various communication channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn,’s messaging system which you can use to reach out to us.



A blog with thoughtful content offers knowledge about various products, services and our website functionality to know more about us.

Methodology Driven approach

We have defined methodology for each of the services we offer. We will understand your query and align it exactly the place it fits in and curate the solution for you.


FAQ – Being Resourceful

We have extensive list of FAQ as per our interaction with our existing clients. We evaluate all the FAQ section wise frequently and keep enhancing its knowledge base as and when we get .