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We Built This For Businesses Like Yours

Yiwubazaar.com is the B2B e-commerce marketplace operated under the flagship company of Yiwu Shahin import-Export Co. Ltd. established in 2007 and located in Yiwu, Zhejiang, China. Yiwubazaar.com offers access to all the buyers around the world to explore Yiwu’s Small Commodity Market through our platform and fulfill all their sourcing requirement. This platform is designed to offer all the buyers around the world, the blend of traditional wholesale experience and modern ecommerce technology. We have chosen this path to bridge the gap between buyers around the world and Yiwu’s Small Commodity Market and make the business transaction happen very smoothly and transparently.

We saw the challenges of sourcing and buying products from many sources and suppliers in Yiwu Wholesale Market, with multiple fees and charges and the time it took, which added up quickly. We founded YiwuBazaar to change that, for small businesses, retailers, and wholesale buyers.
We offer every service you may need for building, scaling, and branding your business.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make it easy and efficient for business owners to find a wide variety of high-quality products on just one site, with no markups or hidden costs.
We’re grateful to support all small businesses, retailers, and wholesale buyers. and to be a part of your success.


Creating Business Opportunities

Whether you are a buyer, a retail store, or an online store owner, you can TRUST YiwuBazaar to take away many pain points in your business. Step on up and give the New Wave of digital wholesaling a try: we will help you grow your sales, save time and boost your profits.

Our Family

We are the family of group of enthusiastic people who are committed towards the mission and vision of ours. We have a very well balanced diversified team scattered around the world carrying professionalism and diverse culture to consolidate into better user experience across all the business functions and transactions.


Product & Services

We have all the products across various categories which are manufactured in Yiwu city. We have arranged our products segment in around 16 main categories further organized in sub-categories. We expect our buyers to let us know their sourcing requirement and we as a team will work for you to get various quotations so you can choose what best suits you. We have all the support services listed below which are being offered under our umbrella to facilitate one stop solution for world’s buyers.