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Buyer Protection Framework

Export/Import is a complex business process. Each and every stage of the business transaction cycle offers a certain level of assurance to buyers/sellers to ensure smooth and safe business transaction. We offer all our buyers the choice to choose what additional services they would like to take per their convenience and requirement. We believe in standing with customer to complete the business transaction successfully to build the strong and healthy relationship.

We have listed down various stages of business transaction what all the details to verify at every stage. If you need any additional help, you can let us know any time… we are happy to help.


Ensure Sales Contract is agreed

Production process

Understand the production requirement and production process.

Inspection Pre/During/Post Production

Decide based on product in you need Pre/During or Pos inspection.

Arrange Transport

Ensure shipping and Logistic Details

Cargo Insurance

Check commercial invoice and insurance coverage and covers of it.

Container Arrangement

Check shipping order and how much space you need for logistics.

Loading Container

Packing list and package identification mechanism.

Shipping through Port and Departure

Ensure container reaches the port of delivery safely.

Custom Clearance

Check all the necessary documents for submitting goods to custom are reviewed throghly

Handle Container on Vessel

Ensure to check doct receipt and billing of lading is checked.

Importer for Preperation

Ensure checking all the invoices, bills and inspection reports to receive the goods at port of arrival.