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Refund Policy

The B2B Ecommerce wholesale market platform www.yiwubazaar.com is owned by Yiwu Shahin Import-Export Co., Ltd. The company is working as a seller and is main stakeholder of www.yiwubazaar.com. So, the company is also exporting small commodities to Central Asia and rest of the world. The supplier on this platform is also including actual wholesaler of the Yiwu Small Commodities Market.

The conditions for buy and return of small commodities as well as specific products purchased by buyers after negotiation between seller, supplier and/or wholesaler are given below:

1. In buying process, the seller, supplier and/or wholesaler will responsible for product’s supply, quality check, warehouse, export-import, logistics process in the various areas.

2. As a wholesaler, we may able to return or refund, if the products or goods mismatch on the order having exact proof of this after lodging complaint or negotiation by buyer/customer.

3. For the quality of products or goods, we as a wholesaler or wholesaler may other than us, explain buyers or customers, exact quality before actual order of purchase. So, the buyer shall not demand the return or refund on the quality from the wholesaler.

4. If the buyers/customers want to return the products or goods, all the costs will be paid by buyers/customers. We shall only responsible for negotiate with supplier, replace the goods, or replenish part of loss.

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