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Yiwu Wholesale Market Sourcing Guide

Yiwu is one of China’s most famous cities in the world, and it is famous all over the world for its cheap and abundant small commodities. There are many articles about Yiwu wholesale market on the Internet. They tell you what is in Yiwu Wholesale Market and where it is.

Where is Yiwu? What is Yiwu famous for?

Yiwu is the central city of Zhejiang Province. It has developed from a small agricultural city to a small commodity city based on the market. After more than 40 years of development in reform and opening up, it has become the most famous city in the world.

It is famous for international small commodity trade and has trade relations with more than 200 countries and regions in the world.

Because of its central location, Yiwu has also become a distribution center for Zhejiang’s daily products. Zhejiang Province, where Yiwu is located, is one of China’s most important trade provinces, accounting for more than 12% of China’s foreign trade.

So far it has formed many industrial clusters such as Hardware Center in Yong Kang city, China Socks Center in Zhuji city, Plastic and Rubber center in Taizhou city, Textile and umbrella center in Shaoxing city, Plastic machinery center in Ningbo city, etc.

Many of the above neighborhood cities supply goods to Yiwu. Yiwu is also very close to Hangzhou and Shanghai. You can either take a bullet train or bus to get to Yiwu. It is very convenient and has many transportation methods to choose from.

Yiwu City is known as “the world’s largest small commodity wholesale market”, with a permanent population of 1.86 million. Yiwu Small Commodity City covers an area of 4.3 million square meters and has 62,000 booths.

80,000 suppliers display 400,000 products almost every day from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm (except during the Spring Festival). Sixty-five percent of these products (approximately 2,000 different categories) are exported all over the world.

Yiwu is mainly engaged in the wholesale of small commodities, among which the following categories of products are the most famous.

· Jewelry

· Toy

· Daily necessities

· Clothing

· Shoes/Luggage

· Office Supplies

· Sports and outdoor products

· Christmas utensils

How can I buy from the Yiwu market?

There are two ways to buy products from Yiwu:

Go to Yiwu Wholesale Market to purchase in person:

Yiwu Wholesale Market is a general term. There are more than 10 small commodity wholesale markets in Yiwu, among which the largest and most well-known is “Yiwu International Trade City”. This is also the Yiwu wholesale market often referred to by international friends. At the same time, it is also known as “International Trade City” and “Futian Market”.

Opening hours: 8:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

The International Trade City buildings are put in use since 2002. It has 5 districts with over 50,000 booths, each district specializes in different commodity categories.

Yiwu Market Guide

(futian market)

1 floor

2 floor

3 floor

4 floor

5 floor

District 1

Toys(Common toys / Electric toys / Inflatable toys / Plush toys), artificial flowers(Toy/ornaments/craft)

Jewelry & ornament

Jewelry accessories,

art & crafts, porcelain & crystal / picture frames / crafts

Big showrooms, factory outlets (toy/flower/ornament)


District 2

Bags & cases,

umbrellas & rain wear

Tools, Hardware,

locks and Electric Products

Home appliances, watches and clocks, battery/lamp/flash lights

Famous mall, suitcase & bags / clocks & watches / hardware & electric appliances

Export agencies / featured products

District 3

Stationary & office products, eyeglasses / pen & inks / paper articles

Stationary & office products, cultural & sports products

Cosmetics & beauty, buttons &

zippers, apparel accessories

Cosmetics & beauty, buttons & zippers, apparel accessories


District 4

For socks

Daily necessities, gloves, hats, knitted products, earmuffs

Sewing thread & tape , shoes, lace , tie , towel

Bras & underwear, belts, scarf and shawl

Garments, shoes, daily necessities, frame, accessories

District 5

Products imported, jewelry & handcrafts, ornaments & crafts

Bedding, Chinese knot, DIY products

Curtains, fabrics textile raw materials, needle, knitted cloth

Car/auto accessories

Online services

Of course, in addition to the largest “Yiwu International Trade City”, there are some relatively small wholesale markets that are also worth visiting. Below is a list of Yiwu markets:





Digital Market

No.238, Binwang Road

8 am-5 pm

assembled computers, brand laptops, projection equipment, etc.

Communication Market

No.211, Binwang Road

8 am-5 pm

mobile phones, digital cameras

Yiwu Material Market

No.199, Xicheng Road

8 am-5 pm

Four trading areas for metal materials, stone, ceramics, and lighting hardware.

Zhezhong Timber Market

No.266, Xicheng Road

8 am-5 pm

Building materialslog trading

Huangyuan Clothing Market

Intersection of Jiangbin Middle Road and Huangyuan Road

8 am-5 pm

clothing: pants / jeans,men’s wear,children’s clothing and so on.

International Production Material Market

The market is located at Chouzhou North Rd.

8 am-5 pm

the International production material market is all about the production material ranging from glass, ceramics, woodwork, and equipment that can be used in production for machinery, raw materials for electronics and stuff.

Yiwu Specialized Streets

Yiwu market is a large market, even larger than some of the cities in the world.

8 am-5 pm

Each street has different products

It may not be possible for many buyers to come to Yiwu wholesale market to purchase in person. High economic and time costs, language differences, etc. are all factors that affect foreign buyers to purchase in Yiwu in person.

The most important thing is that the wholesalers in Yiwu market can only understand some basic English words, such as how much, price, cheap, good and other simple English words. It can be very difficult to communicate with them.

Buy from Yiwu online shopping mall

Yiwugo.com is a very good choice for those buyers who are eager to purchase from Yiwu and cannot come to Yiwu to purchase in person.

Yiwugo is an online small commodity wholesale platform in Yiwu, Zhejiang. Its specialty products include jewelry, toys, department stores, clothing, shoes/bags, office supplies, machinery, hardware and other products, especially gift decorations and toys.

Same as 1688, it’s a Chinese local wholesale website.

Yiwu is the capital of small commodities in China, and Yiwugo was born.

If you are planning to buy small commodities, Yiwugo will be a good choice.

MOQYiwu’s MOQ varies from supplier to supplier. The minimum order quantity for most products exceeds 10 pieces. The price varies depending on the quantity purchased.

Payment method: Yiwugo does not support direct online transactions, it is more used as a platform to display product and supplier information. The payment method usually needs to be negotiated with the supplier. Usually small orders are paid by PayPal, and large orders are paid by T/T or L/C.

Brief summary


· As a local wholesale website in China, the price is very cheap

· The categories of small commodities are very complete, especially all kinds of accessories and gadgets.


· Like 1688, it is a local wholesale website in China. Therefore, most of the suppliers do not speak English, and many only accept payment in RMB. The supplier is not responsible for transportation. To purchase from Yiwugo, you need to cooperate with an agent in China.

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