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Yiwu Bazaar’s Logistic Services: Advantage of Importing Products from Us

More often than not, shipping products or packages overseas sounds challenging sometimes, know what I mean? Imagine the loads of paperwork’s, inspections, and compliance to all the forwarding policies. Invoices and declaration of value are usually mandatory in transporting commodities from one place across the other country’s perimeter. It can honestly be daunting and tiring when done all by oneself.

Good thing Yiwu Bazaar offers the best logistics experience like no other. It is one of the many services we provide to our clients, and we pride ourselves on exporting your goods at a very satisfactory and excellent condition. We make sure to take special care and extra protection in handling your items, so it will get to your doorstep in a perfect shape.

When it comes to organizing the cargo process, the mode of transportation is a very significant area to take note of. Choosing the accurate mode of logistics would mean you have to consider the cost, the calculation of turnaround time, the value of products being dispatched, as well as the size and weight of the commodities.

Read along and you might figure out which mode of transportation best suits your goods. Not to mention, why you SHOULD consider partnering with us in all your trading needs! Let’s demystify the overwhelming thoughts.


Main Logistics options offered by Yiwu Bazaar


1. Air Freight- Air cargo is simply the carriage of your goods through an air carrier. Our air freight services are designed to meet clients' needs for both rapid and slow transit periods. Yiwu Bazaar's chosen air carrier partners allow us to mix and match both rate and transit requirements for each unique customer. The express shipping options of air freight makes it a valuable option for managing time sensitive shipments to almost anywhere in the world. When your goods need to be moved quickly, air freight is the best solution compared to sea freight or road transport. This is particularly advantageous for smaller and mid-sized companies as it facilitates participation in international trade in a very effective way.


The most common services for this certain option are air express and air mail.


2. Ocean Freight- Ocean Freight is a method of sending large quantities of goods through the sea. Products are packed into large containers which are loaded onto vessels sailed to the destination country.


One of the common choices for business owners/importers is to have their goods get shipped overseas by sea. Selection of this shipping method also depends on the geographical location of the port of origin and destination. Places which are connected through sea ports cater to approximately 90% of the trade volume. Ocean freight offers very cost-effective transportation for larger and heavier shipments with a drawback of good-in-transit duration.  It has brought innumerable worldwide economic benefits.


3. Rail Freight- Rail Freight is one of the inland transportation services that offers movement of goods to all the connected regions through the rail network. Rail freight has the ability to transport goods under any weather conditions within the rail network for any distance and offers the advantages of high loading capacity, low transportation cost, transportation safety, and environment friendly solution.

Yiwu has the 2 longest Rail Freight Network connecting 9 countries like China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Belgium, France and UK.


If you partner with Yiwu Bazaar, you will experience the following advantages

As mentioned earlier, the hassle of moving cargos from one continent to another is no joke.
And as a business-to-business trading company, we like ticking off the stress of product and supplier sourcing from your list, as much as the burden of preparing the items to finally have it in your hand. We are beyond honored to do these things for you, so you will have the best importing experience from Yiwu Small Commodities Marketplace. Therefore, you will more likely have the ample amount of time to focus on other aspects of your business! How does that sound?

Below are some things we assure you to encounter when trusting Yiwu Bazaar.


Warehouse Capacity - We have our own huge warehouse in a convenient location.
It gives room to everything and everyone to perform a smooth handling of items during the inspection and logistical phases. To ensure optimum security, all of your products will be closely monitored.


Shipping methods - Yiwu offers all three modes of shipping: land, air, and sea. Each has a distinct advantage dependent on the time and quantity of the shipment that others may not provide. We will gladly discuss all of the advantages and disadvantages one by one and see what works best for your importing needs.

Shipment Tracking - We understand how critical it is for us to be able to trace a shipment and its location once it has been shipped out. After the shipment has been dispatched, we will update the tracking reference in your order section and notify you through email as soon as possible so you can check the status as per your convenience.


Trustworthy vendors – Trust gives confidence, and we would like to assure you that we have partnered with various vendors across different shipping methods and for your specific requirements. Our partner vendors are equipped with latest technologies as per the industry trend and offer the most reliable, competitive, and on time logistics services.


Delivery support - For all of your logistics, transportation, and delivery needs, we provide a global network coverage. You can bet a hundred percent that we will stay connected with you until you receive your package and ensure that it is safely transported via land, ocean, or sea. Collection of items from suppliers, custom clearance, consolidation services, warehousing storage, and other delivery services are available and we willingly offer to each of our clients.


3PL (Third Party Logistic) – 3PL is a widely accepted service these days offered by many logistics companies to outsource operational logistics services and enables businesses to focus on their core activities. It offers a wide array of benefits including cost reduction due to economies of scale, risk mitigation, improved customer experience, and trying out new markets without any worry of logistics services.


Package Tracking - Yiwu Bazaar recognizes the importance of being able to trace a shipment once it has been exported your way. When the procedure is completed, we will update the tracking reference in your order area and send you an email with the progress, which you may check.

Here at Yiwu Bazaar, our main goal is to bring you the best wholesale importing services and connect you with thousands of recommended suppliers at Yiwu Small Commodities Marketplace. If you are looking to source products from China without worrying the bunch of concerns, give us a message, you can find us on every platform. Our customer service is online 24/7 to assist you with inquiries.

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