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5 Stages of Yiwu Bazaar’s Inspection Services: The Perks of Partnering with Us

 It goes without saying that inspecting products is an important element of quality control. It enables the importer and exporter to verify the quality of commodities on site at various stages of the manufacturing process and before it is shipped.  

    This is a good approach to prevent quality issues and subsequent supply chain disruptions. Here in Yiwu Bazaar (yiwubazaar.com the B2B wholesale platform), we provide exceptional inspection services to importers throughout the world and help them ensure the craftsmanship of their products is spot on, reduce risks of substandard condition, and ensure quality of goods, as well as meeting the regulatory requirements.

     We understand how important is to ensure the quality of goods for an importer and we have all the setup in place to facilitate that from Yiwu Bazaar to all its customers.  

Allow us to outline the benefits you will get from Yiwu Bazaar’s thorough inspection service.


1. Avoid Costly Product Defect and Shipment Delays


Quality control or QC inspections help keep costly defects to a minimum by identifying non-conformities throughout the production cycle.


2. Protect your Company’s Brand Identity and Reputation 


Products that do not comply with the standards lead to complaints from clients and risk harming our reputation. Furthermore, product quality inspections contribute to the ongoing satisfaction of our clients.


3. Determine or Investigate Corrective Actions 


Before the products leave the manufacturer, quality inspection services can help you establish the overall quality of your order and whether corrective action is necessary.


Here are more reasons why it is important to rely on our product inspection department.


● Ensures the product’s quality at every production stage

● Allows you to check the quality at the source and not pay for faulty products

● Avoid recalls and reputational damage

● Helps in anticipating production and shipment delays

● Optimizes your quality control budget


After learning about the advantages of inspection services, you may be wondering how a Product Inspection Service takes place. That’s why we have listed down the process of product inspection and how it benefits you and your business.


1. Pre-Production - Pre-production inspection (PPI) is one of risk assessment and quality assurance management mechanism. When a supplier and the goods to be manufactured are chosen, a pre-production inspection is carried out. This aids in ensuring a clear production schedule, raw material quality, and product component quality, as well as anticipating any potential problems that may affect the production schedule or quality.


2. During Production - During Manufacturing Inspection (DPI or DUPRO) is a quality control inspection that occurs during the production process and is usually triggered when 20% of the production is completed. When the order size is huge and you're using a manufacturer for the first time, DUPRO comes in handy.  

DUPRO covers a wide range of aspects, including packaging and labeling, visual inspection, physical requirements and dimensions, barcode verification, and drop testing, with the goal of discovering problems early and taking corrective action.


3. Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) - is a type of quality control inspection used to ensure that items are in good condition before they are delivered. PSI ensures that production meets the buyer's standards as stated in the purchase agreement, and is usually completed when 80% of the production order is packed for shipping.

PSI checks the quantity and quality of the goods, as well as whether there are any defects. PSI also makes sure that the product meets the destination market's safety requirements and that the customs process runs smoothly.


4. Supervision of loading and unloading operations - Supervision of loading and unloading operations ensures that products are handled securely during loading and unloading activities. This allows for safe and secure handling of goods regardless of mode of transit, and ensures that goods are shipped and kept in accordance with industry standards.


Ensuring that the products we deliver will arrive at their destination without any delays or defects is the reason why our customers keep coming back to use our service.

We are proud to say that Yiwu Bazaar’s inspection services has so many unique features which includes the following:


Quick turnaround time 


We are committed to providing prompt customer service and keeping you abreast of the status of your regular services. Once you plan inspection services with us, you will be notified of the lead time and the chronology of events.


Increased Customer Satisfaction


We are committed to providing all sectors of our services to ensure a successful partnership between you and us. And we want to ensure that we offer an affordable and efficient service to meet the needs of our clients.


Customized Service Solution


We firmly believe in personalization and want to collaborate with you to develop a solution that meets your individual needs. Plus, we're always looking forward to finding out more about you and creating something that fits your needs.


Expert assistance


We have a team of highly competent and tenured colleagues in the business who are ready to assist you with their finest advise anytime you need it.

It is necessary that each product will undergo inspection services to ensure the quality of the product that we deliver at your doorstep.


Here in Yiwu Bazaar, our principal objective is to give you the best service you can have. Not only do we help you find the best vendors, but we also ensure that the products we have in store are quality products.

If you want to know more, feel free to check our website. And if you have any questions, you can chat with us and we will talk about your needs. 

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