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Getting your products from different sides of the world could be one of the major concerns if you're in the import-export business. Well, if you are on this, you probably know by now the different modes of transport that you can avail for your supply. In fact, many importers, exporters, and traders kept on debating whether air freight or ocean freight is the best in transporting products from point A to point B or overseas.

 If you are currently curious and confused about how you will transport your goods, you might want to explore these two methods and see the pros and cons of each before you decide. The shipment cost is just one of the considerations, but it is way more than that. Read on to see the difference between these two modes of transport.

          Air Freight Transport

         If your goods are considered as shipping-time sensitive, relatively smaller, not too bulky and heavy, air freight transport would be                 ideal for you. Likewise, here are the advantages of air freight transport.


Speedy Delivery

Since your cargo is shipping-time sensitive, you need to move it quickly through air freight transport. Air freight is faster with an average of four days than ocean or road transport, which lasts for weeks.


Worldwide Delivery

With air freight, you can import and export your goods anywhere in the world. Unlike sea and road transport, there are limitations when it comes to the transportation and travel of goods because of dead ends- a problem you won't encounter on air freight. It can fly your goods anywhere around the world.


Tracking System

Once you paid for the shipment of your goods, you'll immediately receive the shipping update. Using that unique number, you can start tracking your transport including its time, status, and location. So if you have delays or problems with your shipment, you can easily monitor it.



Transporting your goods via air freight is considerably more reliable than any other mode. According to statistics, there is only at least less than 15 percent of late arrivals and an average of 2 percent of canceled flights. Considering this record means that you can get your shipment on time.



If your goods are perishable, the main problem is spoilage. You do not want your goods to spoil, so air freight is an ideal way to go due to its quick delivery. Likewise, it has a lesser chance of getting stolen because of the airport security. Meanwhile, here are the disadvantages of air freight transport.


Air freight is more expensive than ocean transport. The reason behind this is because freight companies usually calculate the total cost based on the weight of the shipment. Likewise, if you want your shipment to arrive early, then its consequence is to pay for it. Note that the cost varies depending on the location.


Weather Reliant

The two canceled flights mentioned above are in fact due to weather conditions. Although all modes are weather reliant, air freight is the most affected transport. It doesn't happen most of the time though, but if your goods are shipping-time sensitive, the delay would be such an issue.


Weight and size limitations

Planes aren't as wide and as big as ships- the reason why freight companies need to limit the weight and size of shipments. An average plane could only lift 250 tons compared to that of 190,000 tons of a ship.Although air freight transport has its consequences, it is still a nice mode to go. If you are in a hurry, it's worth risking your money for this one.


        Ocean Freight Transport

            In ocean freight transport, weight is not the main factor, it is the container. If you plan to move heavy and bulky shipments, ocean                freight transport is ideal for you. Here are its other advantages.


Spacious containers

If your goods are heavy and come in many amounts, spending your money with containers to carry your shipment is totally worth it. The containers have lots of space and are designed for bulky products like machinery, which cannot be done by air.



Moving your shipment via ocean freight is 50 percent cheaper than air freight. Since there is enough space to move your products, other companies will also share on the same vessel in transporting theirs. As a consequence, you'll share the vessel's costs.


Less carbon footprint

Ships and vessels are more eco-friendly than planes, which use more amounts of petroleum. These petroleums could leave so much of carbon trail leading to atmospheric damages. If you are concerned with a healthy and greener environment, ocean freight could help you save the environment.



The containers in ocean freight transport are all designed to prevent stolen shipments. They are also locked for an added security.

            Moreover, these are the disadvantages of ocean freight transport.


Slow Delivery

Vessels take too much time to travel because of the long route. You should expect that it would usually take a month or four weeks for your shipment to arrive, so if you are in a hurry, ocean freight isn't ideal for your business.


Prone to Delays

Delay could also be one of your worst enemies here. Some ships often operate on weekly schedules, which can sometimes delay your shipment.

           Just like air freight transport, ocean freight also has its advantages and disadvantages. However, there is no such ideal pick if you               need to move a heavy shipment other than the ocean freight.


       What Yiwu Bazaar can offer

          Yiwu Bazaar offers both air freight transport and ocean freight transport of goods with warehouse and shipment tracking available. We also have worldwide delivery support and 3PL (Third Party Logistics), so you don't have to worry about your goods on the way to your location. We would like to give you the time to operate smoothly while waiting for your imported products. Likewise, we want to be your best partner in sourcing your products and an excellent logistics system is just one of our awesome services. Our air freight and ocean freight service transport are available if you have products you want to be fetched on the Yiwu Small Commodities Marketplace.

If you're looking for trustworthy air freight and ocean freight services, go ahead and try here at Yiwu Bazaar where your products' safety is our number one priority.

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