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6 Ways to Build a B2B Business: Ultimate Guide

B2B business could be pretty tricky if you don’t know the nature and the internal and external processes of its system. Traditionally, it is done through cold calling and direct mail. However, today, b2b has evolved a lot, and as an entrepreneur who wants to start this venture, you might want to get updated and see what’s currently happening.

Investing your time, effort, and money to create a b2b business isn’t a joke, and you don’t want to slip on a wrong move this time. Although you can find lots of B2B resources online, you might want to keep this as we laid down the ways you could start your B2B brand.

B2B sales at first glance

Business-to-business sales refer to the transaction that happens between two brands or companies. In short, one company sells its products or services to another company. One typical example is an outsourcing company that sells various outsourcing services to other companies.

Build your B2B Business

B2B sales process functions differently than B2C sales. Although you will find some similarities in the process between the two, we would say that B2B is way more complicated than that. To give you ways on building your B2B business, take a look at the following:

1. Research.

Starting from scratch won’t come easy, and one great ally you could have is your own research. The first thing you need is to figure out your market and find what niche would be the perfect area to focus on. You might want to consider the different trends in the market today and see where would be the perfect spot to land your business. The second thing is to know your competitors. You might want to monitor their performance and see what’s currently happening with them. Last and the most important thing is to find who your ideal clients are. You need to quickly find your client’s interests and needs, so you know how to position your marketing strategies.

2. Find your target audience or customers.

After doing your research, it’s time to find your target customers. Typically, your potential customers are those who have the capability and authority to purchase your products or services. In this stage, you need to conduct thorough research about your potential customer’s needs and interests. In this way, you can assess whether your prospects are qualified and able to buy what you have to offer.

3. Perform an initial outreach.

Now that you are confident enough who your potential customers are, it’s time to show off. The good thing about b2b is you can do outreach in different ways. The first option is outbound marketing, which can be done through social media, as an example. The second option is through inbound marketing like topical blogs, infographics, ebooks, videos, and more. Meanwhile, the last option is direct marketing, which includes the traditional way of cold-calling a potential client and direct mailing a brochure about your business. Finally, there is also email marketing, which uses software or tools like Mailchimp to send batch emails to prospects.

4. Plan for your pitch and send it to your leads.

To start moving, you need to get in front of your prospects and present them with your best pitch that will spark an interest in your product or services. The best pitch should target their pain points and offer solutions to fix the problems they have. This is also the part where you can fully grasp your customer’s needs and interests. From there, you could come up with a compelling pitch that would help them. Likewise, pitching should be the part where all your energy and effort should be allocated because it can either make or break your business journey. Remember that each sales pitch is relative and should be made for every individual lead to better cater to them.

5. Follow up.

Soon after pitching your sales to your potential customers, do not forget to follow up as it is also essential. You might want to email a statement of work or business proposal to them right after your pitch meeting. You need to put all the things you have discussed on a written document.

6. Seal the deal.

Although it might sound cliche, this is the easiest part of all. Now that you have successfully convinced your customers to purchase your products or services, it’s time to get it in writing. First, however, ensure that your customers don’t have hesitations before closing the sale. If there is, you might want to figure out the solution like a product demo or conduct an additional meeting.


On top of these ways, we have three best tips that we can offer to have a successful b2b business. These are:

● Equip yourself with technology and tools to generate and find your prospects.

● Build rapport and strong relationships.

● Take your focus on helping other businesses and providing solutions to their problems.

If you’re wondering about an ideal place to start a b2b business, you might want to take a look at www.yiwubazaar.com. It is a marketplace based in Yiwu, China, and you can see lots of products and services offered by the Small Commodities Marketplace. You can add your company and sell your products on their site. Just make sure that you have a pre-created account, and don’t forget to reach for their assistance.


Now that you have the different ways and information you need to start a b2b business, it’s time to set up your plan and draft a reasonable timeline. However, when creating a b2b business, it’s important to remember that you should equip yourself first with the tools and technology you need along the process. In this way, you could ensure a smooth and successful process in starting up your b2b business.

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