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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers






What details I should submit through RFQ?


RFQ is a simple form in which you can submit -

1. Buyer's details so we can contact you.

2. Products details so we can search the products which matches your requirement and also to understand if you require Private Label solution's.

3. Shipping and logistic details so we can prepare the solution for shipping.


Whats the difference between RFQ and Enquiry


RFQ form is prepared to submit the request for quotation for the products which are not listed in the website. Enquire form is there to submit the query for products which are already listed in the website.


In How many days I will get the quotation after submitting the RFQ?


You can expect the quotation after submitting RFQ in 2 working days of time.


How can I get products with my own brand?

Private Label

We have Private label solution for this. You can submit RFQ and opt for Private label solution and you can also visit Private Label page ans submit your requirement through form there.


What all I can do after getting the Quotation?


You can validate the quotation received and you can either accept, reject or negotiate the quotation. Accepts signifies that you want to go ahead with the quotation. Reject signifies that you don’t want to go ahead with the quotation. Negotiation signifies that you want to discuss the details mentioned in quotation.


How can I order after getting the quotation?


You simply have to accept the quotation and we will get in touch with you to proceed further.


If I buy from Yiwubazaar, what all services you will do?


We offer One Stop Solution for all your sourcing requirement. We offer whole range of services including product selection, ordering, logistics, inspection and supply chain finance. We have respective pages for each of these in the website. Kindly go through the same and if you have any additional query, we request you to please submit your query through contact us page.


How much I need to spend for custom to receive the goods at my place?


This depends on the product you are importing and on the custom procedure at your place. Please speak to Freight forwarder in your area to get more clarity on this.


Can I order without paying initial deposit?


We are abide by the process which is flexible in terms of offering services but to accept the order before we start the production/dispatch process, we need to receive the initial agreed amount in the quotation.


I want to understand the actual cost of the product from Yiwu to my shop?


We  request you to put in this request while submitting RFQ to us and we will help you to understand the total cost and how that can be calculated?


In How many days my order will be ready?


This depends on the product you are ordering. If the product is ready to ship then instantly this can be dispatched upon confirmation. If the product is not ready then in that case the duration depends on the product and its production timeline.


Can you arrange logistics services for me or do I have to search on my own?


We can help you in that. When you confirm the quotation, we check with our buyers to get clarity on what all services they require from us. We can get suitable logistic service provider based on your requirement and help you to get that done.


Is it compulsory to take inspection services?


Not at all. Its one of the good to opt service and its completely depends on you if you want to opt. It can be mandatory only when if the ordered product comes under the Govt regulatory governance and made compulsory by Government official.


Can you arrange for inspection services?


Yeah, we can arrange for inspection services as per your requirement. Please check our Inspection page in the website for further details and get in touch with us through query form if you have any additional question.


What all various inspection services I can opt for?


We can help you with all types of inspection services like Pre Production Inspection, During Production Inspection, Pre Shipment Inspection and loading/uploading inspection. You can visit our Inspection page for further details and submit your query as well if you have any additional question.


Where can I check my order and payment status?


You can check the your order, payment status and other relevant details in your Buyer central login.


Can I cancel my order after making the initial payment?


We need to evaluate at which stage are we after making the payment to decide if the order can be canceled. We can assure you our full support and we can discuss specific scenario as and when it arrives.


Can I change the terms of the trade after making the initial payment?


Its important to check the terms of the trade mentioned in the quotation while accepting and taking it through the trade cycle as its not possible to change the terms of the trade after payment is initiated.


What all payments modes are available?


We have arranged for various payment solutions to offer to our buyers. These are listed as Cash in advance, Cheque, Letter of Credit, Delivery Point, Paypal, Telegraphic Transfer etc.


How can I speak to your representative?


We have chat support with calling functionality enabled in it an you can use it to call us. You can place a request as well through our website and we can arrange for the call back.


Is there any possibility that you send the wrong or cheap quality product than what was ordered?


We have robust product quality management to ensure there is no difference between the product ordered and products dispatched. We do perform basic inspection once we receive products from factory to our warehouse and before we dispatch for logistic arrangements.


Can I get some extra time to pay the rest of the money or my order?

Buy Now Pay Later

We have Buy Now Pay Later services to offer to our buyers. There are some standard rules applicable to be eligible to opt this service. We request you to check our Buy Now Pay Later page and submit your query so we can perform the basic due diligence and let you know the status..


Do you charge interest if I pay the amount with some delay?

Buy Now Pay Later

If you are eligible under Buy Now Pay Later services and don’t pay withing the agreed time line then this may attract late interest payment.


Do you provide any educational materials for buyers?


Yeah, we have our blog section where we upload articles regularly on various topics and market trends and we also have E-book written for buyers to help them take their decision easily. You can refer these through Blog and My Resource sections in the website.


Inspection and logistics services are third party service or in house service?

Inspection / Logistics

We offer Inspection and logistic services through third party vendors.


Why should I buy from Yiwubazaar.com ?


We are an old established company at Yiwu city of China and have experienced managing significant size of turnover. We believe to offer best services to all our buyers and communicate at each and every stage of the transaction cycle. We are very sure that  you will give us the opportunity to work together again.


I am a Retailer, can I buy from Yiwubazaar.com ?


Yeah, there is no restriction in terms of your business type. As long as your order meets the MOQ for the product there is no restriction on business type of yours.


Why cant I see the price without logging into website ?


We are wholesale marketplace and we would like to share the price only with registered buyers for whom we have performed the business verification process.


Why do I need to submit my personal or business document for verification?


Business documents and personal documents are needed to validate the business and its authorized representative's identity t ensure we are dealing with registered business.


How are you maintaiting the data secrecy and privacy?


We adhere to data protection policy and keep the data within our server and at any cost none of your personal or business information will be shared with anyone without taking your consent.


How old is Yiwubazaar.com ?


Yiwubazaar.com is the B2B e-commerce marketplace connecting entire world with Yiwu Small commodity market and belongs to Yiwu Shahin Import - Export Co., Ltd. which is 10 Years old in this business and have managed …. Mil of turnover.


How can I register as Global Buyer in the website?


We have made the process convenient to register and through website sign up page you can create your account just by providing the basic details and then you can follow the rest of the procedure at your convenience.


How can I view details about seller


Every seller in the website will have individual store for him which can be accessed through their product listing where there name is populated as seller of the product.


How can I edit my profile details?


You can check your buyer central page after logging in the website to edit your profile details.